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Focus On


Focus on Furniture offers premium quality furniture that suits all tastes, lifestyles and budgets. They have an extensive range of lounges, dining and bedroom suites, mattresses, prints, accessories among others. They strive to be the premier Australian owned furniture store that showcases quality and affordability.


Focus On Furniture



Service Offered:

Search Engine Optimization

project details

Our team rearranged their website's architecture and links to make pages within the website easier to find and navigate. This way, their ranking in Google will be within top positions and consequently result in significant traffic increase. So they have more chances to have for users to see their content and associate with their brand.

Front-end metadata is more important than ever. So our team implemented metadata migration that encouraged their content to make the best first impression possible in the search engines. Also, new metadata had been used for at least categories, content pages and product landing pages for launch. Because of this, the website can drive consumers from search engines to FOF’s e-commerce sites to purchase products.

Our team made an assessment of impact from multiple domains on current site. Since the company has two web pages ( and, we assessed the impact in relation to moving this to a single  domain. 

We also set up Google Shopping for them. Google Shopping drives traffic and sales to FOF ís website or local store. In relation to this, we created Product Listing Ads or those ads that has rich images and shows relevant details of FOF's products. The website had enabled FOF to deliver more product specific information to their customers by providing complete product inventory. This then allowed more control with custom labels and campaign priorities, and offered advanced reporting capabilities and access to competitive metrics. As a result there is an increase in the quality of their leads,  increase in their sites' search traffic and FOF had achieved a higher Click Through Rate in comparison to just text ads.


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