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Top Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Business Owners


Bigblock Solutions


September 14, 2018

In the overall marketing approach of any business, a digital marketing strategy is one of its most important parts. This ring true whether the company is doing business online or not. A digital marketing strategy is especially useful for small and medium companies.

Online marketing has five main areas of interest to SMEs. Some tend to be more useful to local, offline companies while others are more effective for an online business. Let’s take a look at the five areas of digital marketing that small and medium businesses engage on the Internet.


Search Engine Marketing

Also known as SEM, this part of digital marketing is important for smaller businesses because it gives them a chance at even footing with the larger companies. Since a lot of people use search engines such as Google to find products locally and online, it is important that your brand is placed high in the search results for keywords that relate to what you are selling.


Local Search Marketing

This part includes site optimization for search results but especially integrates the search engine’s function regarding maps. A good example is with Google, where you can list your business with mapping and address data. This will provide potential customers with the information they need to visit your establishment.

You can also list your website address and phone number in these listings. Often, customer service is available to assist someone decides if they are interested in your product or service.


Content Marketing

This aspect focuses on giving prospective consumers information about your product or service, including information in general. Most companies can sell, but those that inform the public will most likely be the ones getting the sales. The public will attribute a certain level of expertise to the company practicing this approach while instilling confidence in potential consumers.


Social Media Marketing

SMM can be quite a tricky marketing approach. Although everyone talks about social media, the truth is, it is hard for many companies to integrate this into their business. The type of media to use and how it is applied will depend on the type of business. For many companies, staying in touch with their existing customers and providing them with useful content can be a crucial element of success.

Businesses, such as local restaurants, have found success in using social media to inform their existing and potential customers of the latest specials and new additions they have to offer. The golden rule in the aspect of social media marketing is to use this to strengthen your customer base to achieve repeat business.


Email Marketing

For small businesses, this is one of the marketing approaches in digital marketing that can be crucial to them. The essence of this approach is basically to build a list of customers and prospects for the company. This list will contain names and emails of people who have shown interest in your business. It can be used later on to continue sending them updates, news or promos to keep in touch with them and hopefully bring them in.

If you own a small business today, you will need to take the five areas of digital marketing mentioned above into consideration if you want to keep up. Start formulating a plan right now and combine any of these aspects to your other marketing efforts to get the best results!


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