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Top 5 Tips on Creating Highly Effective Business Videos for Startups


Louie Pitlo


September 14, 2018

Video content is in – and it has been proven that websites yield better responses when a video is featured. Nowadays the average web surfer has a short attention span and prefers moving pictures to instead of text. It can succinctly communicate your entire value proposition in as little as two minutes. However, motion graphics could be very expensive (think about motion graphics pricing, Hollywood movie) and tedious for you that you have to undergo motion graphics online courses. Remember you can get a big response with a short, impactful video, tap affordable video services and use software products that let you record, edit and produce videos from one interface.

Here are five tips that we want to share with you about creating winning videos.

1: Leave them wanting more.

People’s attention spans are short. So you don’t need an incredibly long, thorough video showcasing every facet of your company or what your company does. A 3 to 5-minute video would do. 

Create your storyboard that is to the point and something that still conveys what you are about. You can make use of free multimedia storytelling and sharing tools. These digital tools will allow you to create and share stories. Your story can be a simple image or a combination of multiple images, video, audio recording and background music to engage your audience and make an impact. You may try and test StoryBirdUtellStoryACMI Storyboard GeneratorSlidestory and PicLits.

2: Show Your Personality

At least not as far as the viewer is concerned, if your video doesn’t have a personality then neither does your business. If you show generic shots of office environments and stock photography you bought online tell viewers that your company is just that: a generic, boring, providing unoriginal service. Instead, try to show footage of actual employees or a few seconds of greeting from your CEO if possible. This expresses more personal, realistic feel, and even better connection with potential clients. See below an animated that illustrates that the company is creating brand expectations and sharing their values through the company’s services. 


3: Choose Your Cover Image Wisely

No one’s going to want to click on your video if you choose the most boring or low-quality image or video thumbnails in your set. Make sure you check out “Settings” when making your video change your cover image. Or check this Youtube video on “How To Change Your YouTube Video Thumbnail

4: Choose Your Video Style & Song Ever More Wisely

Consider how much of an impact the music you choose will have to the overall impression, energy, and vibe of your video. Test music impact by reviewing the video a few different times with different songs. Music will help with the flow of the video by filling in any gaps between voice narrations.

Similarly, when choosing your video style, scope out your options. There’s contemporary, documentary, informative style and much more. Really get to know the video style that fits your company, one that illustrates your company or your proposition.

5: Use Your Call-to-Action Button

A call-to-action (CTA) button adds interactivity to your video via a button that viewers can click on. It is designed to guide the viewers where to get more information, make a purchase, watch another video, contact you, or take whatever action you’d like them to take. Just go to “Settings” when editing your video and decide where your viewer should go when finishing the video or pausing it.

After you have learned the basics now you wonder how do you generate leads from your videos…?

Know more about how online videos can help you? Get top insights and news from our experts.


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