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How to Overcome Your Fear of Hiring Outsourced Developers



September 14, 2018

When it comes to the term “outsourcing,” many people have perceived it as a bit of a dirty word within the software development industry. However, going the digital outsourcing route is a great way for small and medium companies to maximize efficiency. Choosing to outsource certain tasks has already been happening for years, with companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Amazon and many more jumping aboard.

Although there are a lot of fears associated with digital outsourcing, it is possible to alleviate these fears. Take a look at the four most common concerns with regards to outsourcing software development and how they can be mitigated to make outsourcing work for you.


Hidden Expenses

Concern has been expressed by many business leaders regarding hidden expenditures associated with outsourcing. This includes money that is wasted due to unproductive operations offshore, money that is lost because of cultural differences, costs related to transitions and the cost of managing an outsourced team.

The good news here is that excellent communication can mitigate many of these costs. Besides informal communication with your “abroad” team on a daily basis, schedule meetings or teleconferences regularly to talk about bigger issues that might be hindering cohesion or productivity. The more you have the chance to get to know your abroad team, the better as you will be able to verify that this is they are the right fit for your business.

Planning ahead will also let you avoid extra or hidden costs along the way. Make sure you establish clear productivity and team-building goals. Have your outsourced group accomplish these goals in a set time and make milestones achievable by adjusting them as needed.


Choosing the Wrong Provider

The fear of selecting the wrong provider to take care of your development needs is a valid reason. However, it is possible to take certain precautions to ensure you’re happy with the one you’ve chosen.

Instead of just going for the cheapest service provider, look into the experience, testimonials, success metrics and potential language barriers in your options. Be sure to check that the provider is willing to work on your schedule. Depending on the type of project at hand, you might need to collaborate closely.

The most important thing is you shouldn’t be afraid to switch to a different service provider. One of the great things about outsourcing development is that it opens the door to many possible options. If you are somehow unsatisfied with the product of your outsourced team, you can simply find another that can give what you need.


The Skill Gap Between Local and Outsourced Developers

Ensuring efficiency because of skill gaps between local and outsourced developers is another common fear. But you can alleviate this by creating strong ties between these two groups.

Depending on company structure, consider keeping a few of your experienced developers in hand. You can then implement systems that will check the outsourced work that is created to avoid subpar results.

Collaboration is a valuable method that can mitigate the gap in skill. Besides frequently communicating with team members, work hard to collaborate with them to resolve potential problems better before they happen. Using an easy chat software is a great way to facilitate such collaboration.



Developers that work with trade secrets and other types of private data always have security as a concern. That is why it is imperative that you take this into account when choosing a provider. There are international certifications for data privacy available and most reputable providers should be able to meet these certification requirements.

When choosing your outsourcing partner, look for past incidents where client security had been an issue. How did they handle this? How would you do it? By considering these possibilities beforehand, you can avoid such disasters later on.

Nowadays, the world of globalization and near-instant communication has allowed outsourcing to be more viable than ever. By finding ways to get past some of the common fears with outsourcing, you will be able to create a strong international team that can help create great products and services for your business.


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