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Is Link Building Still Viable Today?


Bigblock Solutions


September 14, 2018

Among the most important aspects of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is link building. It is the process in which links are made to direct users to a specific landing page or website. Although writing content of good quality can improve viewership on a website, link building is still crucial to appease search engines.

In the past, people could build links quite easily. SEO specialists can utilise software that will automatically submit articles to directories and other websites to obtain ‘backlinks’. Around this time, search engines didn’t care much for the quality of the inbound links compared today.

This all changed in 2014. Google pushed the Penguin algorithm update which changed the way people were doing link building. Up until now, a high understanding and skill on SEO are needed to get all things right and avoid being penalised by the search engines.

Link building as of now focuses on ranking the links that come from relevant, high authority and quality websites. Quality and relevancy are very crucial now. Apart from these two aspects, the link diversity also has an important role to play in order to get better rankings in search engines.


Advantages of Link Building

Commonly, the number of inbound links that point towards a blog or website is one of the main factors to determine its popularity. This is very true especially for single websites that are being linked to by many high-quality sites. This leads to a high Google Page Rank.

When starting a blog or website, it is important that you spend the starting weeks to create links that will generate a lot of exposure to your site coming from search engines. If you have links coming from authority websites, you will most likely be rewarded by Google with good rankings. Link building is deemed effective by many experts when you have a lot of genuine links coming from websites that have high authority.

Check out other crucial advantages that you can get when you go with link building today:

·        You will have more visibility for your landing page, website or blog via the search results.

·        Websites that are being linked to from high authority sites can get a lot of traffic.

·        High-quality inbound links are seen by search engines as a resource of high value. This is the part where good quality content can play a huge role.

·        Link building that is done well will result in faster indexing by search engines.

·        Link building is also one of the most important parts of SEO, so investing in this is worth it.


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