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HTML5 is an Excellent Choice for Mobile App Development Today


Bigblock Solutions


September 14, 2018

HTML5 is a language that is acknowledged by companies around the world and is a top pick when it comes to creating applications for mobile devices that work with various sizes and screen resolutions. The applications created using this are known to improve the productivity of businesses while being user friendly. These two benefits are ideal for both owner and customer alike.


Let us take a look at these important reasons why HTML5 is an excellent choice when it comes to designing apps for mobile.


Compatibility Across a Range of Devices  

Perhaps one of the best features that make HTML5 an excellent choice for app development is its cross-platform compatibility. An app made using this amazing language will be able to work even if used on different mobile operating systems such as Android, iOS or Windows. Although the initial development using HTML5 can take longer compared to other approaches, it is being made with multiple platforms in mind and will only be done once.


Updates Can Be Done Remotely

Another benefit that comes with using HTML5 for web apps is that the updates that are needed can be done automatically for the users. This means that they will not have to update the apps manually themselves which can be troublesome in most cases. The reason this is possible is because users that visit or use the app will only be seeing the latest version.

Although seldom this may be seen as an issue, it is actually a positive aspect for many experts in the industry for convenience. This also benefits everyone because this means that providers won’t have to give support for several versions of the apps while users don’t have to go past the cumbersome process of updating manually.


HTML5 Can Be Used for Hybrid App Development

Having similar appearance and feel with native apps, hybrid ones are starting to become popular these days and usually provide an ideal trade-off between being convenient in development and the performance bonus of native apps.

Often, these hybrid apps are being built with web technologies such as JavaScript, CSS and HTML via a native container. The good thing about this is that most of the development required can be done all at once and deployed through various platforms. The bad news is that it will require approval when published in application market like the App Store, something that the HTML5 apps don’t have to worry about.



With these reasons alone, we can conclude that developers who fully ignore HTML5 are missing out on a lot. By doing this, they are not taking advantage of a technology which is being widely used and has started to become a standard in web development.


If you’re looking for a web development agency that can take advantage of HTML5 for application development, be sure to contact us at Bigblock Solutions!


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