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Enterprise Software and Blueprint at the Agile Project Initiation Phase


Louie Pitlo


September 14, 2018

There are advantages in blueprinting and data-driven method vital to the initiation phase of an Enterprise Software (ES) implementation. For instance, it aided in defining the organisational workflow at the same time evaluate how the service or product information will be presented to the customers. It would guide the sales and marketing staff in their study and define how will they work with customers by the use of the e-commerce practice. These methods would also require them to create solutions that would assimilate the new e-commerce endeavour with on hand enterprise undertakings. On the other hand, these schemes may deem as a limitation factor for the project to grow. This would be true when the IT professionals failed to explain the significance of the ES implementation to stakeholders. Also, it could be time-consuming for the reason that it entails gathering of information, the assessment and explanation. It may also offer a false sense of security to the result that the whole thing is undervalued.

Examples for FOUR (4) main transition approaches

  1. Direct cutover - firms frequently select the direct cutover method for executing commercial software packages.
  2. Parallel transition- used for multiple service providers and several distributed or offshore locations.
  3. Phased transition - for storage mechanism that proceeds via nucleation and growth.
  4. Pilot transition- used to use digital content in a major district to alleviate stressed budgets and technological gaps before extending it to other districts.

Advantages of Data Warehouse

There are various grounds why a lot of big businesses have exhausted huge amounts of money employing data warehouses for their ES implementation. For the most part, using data warehouses makes a company store and portrays business data in such a way that it allocates corporate management to craft imperative resolutions. Rather than searching for a business in terms of the business units that it involves, data warehouses assign top management to consider the organisation as a unit. Another benefit of data warehouses is their capability to operate server tasks linked to questioning which is not exercised by nearly all business structures. For example, cultivating data warehouse along with data mart designs derived from a universal venture data model make things easier particularly in extracting and loading of data. Also, in data warehouse, an enterprise data model offers an additionally solid foundation for design compared to mere user query requirements, which are erratic and dependent on recurrent alterations. It also buttresses the most extensive collection of analytical requirements, which were done by saving data files of every single transaction.

Moreover, data warehouses can be extremely competent for the reason that they will allocate users to make inquest of records on regularly. This searching can be done from several transaction systems, and it can also be done from outside sources. Prior to the introduction of data warehouses, enterprises that require reports from a lot of systems had to create data extracts as well as operate exclusive logic applications that would merge this data. Most of the time, this approach runs well. Despite this, there were still enterprises that had to maintain a large data set hence they tend to have problems when they desire to frequently and repetitively sort it.

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