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Designing Your Small Business the UX Approach


Louie Pitlo


September 14, 2018

Everything online is changing rapidly. And you wonder is your business keeping up? You consider technology as a propeller that will help you meet your business goals, your ROIs. Correct. You read perhaps from Forbes or Entrepreneur magazine that UX and UI can help improve engagement and get people into your site, into your business. So you tap web development companies or a UX design company, perhaps even tried out the best software UI design for your site, researched about graphic design UI and its benefits for your site. You paused and felt head swimming from so many recommendations bombarded towards you. You’re not the only one in that situation.

Numerous confused clients tapped us to develop from scratch or revamp their site. And their most common questions clients ask us when designing their site’s UX are: “is our site texts clearly readable?”, “can you reduce the number of clicks required to take certain actions on our site?”, “can our web visitors intuitively find the information that they seek on our site?”, “does the design help users accomplish everything they need, or is interfering with their browsing?” And the answer to all these questions is “Yes.” By providing a smooth UX, we enable your site to actively strengthen your relationship with site visitors, making sure that it has a positive impression.

But first you have to check if:

  • You may be flooding your visitors with too much information
  • The links and buttons are too vaguely phrased
  • There’s no direct access to the primary action.
  • Your content is irrelevant, even inconsistent and confuses the visitors instead of guiding them

Our solution?

  • We tweak your CTAs

Your Call to Actions (CTAs)calls on your site visitors to take the primary action that your website is focused on. It should be actionable and encourage visitors to "Read More," "Join Us," "Buy Now!," “Get a Free Quote”  and so forth. Most CTAs should be under 5 words so choose them wisely. A powerful CTA must convey a sense of urgency, should be placed very strategically on your site, and make sure it’s mobile friendly.

Check out this Wix Education video to make sure you know how to make a powerful CTA.

  • We create enticing, relevant content

Newsletters and email marketing campaigns are one of the most important channels for developing good relations with your readers. So try to consider these emails as an extension of your website. To maximize the full power of email communications with your audience, we recommend tapping content marketers to do it for you or at least start with MailChimp.

MailChimp is a powerful marketing automation that allows you to create targeted campaigns, automate helpful product follow-ups, offers advanced reporting features and sends back-in-stock messaging. It can be integrated with popular apps and services like Salesforce, Eventbrite, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Shopify, and SurveyMonkey so you’d be able to monitor sales and website activity.

  • We optimize your mobile site 

Here's the reality: mobile web usage is now surpassing usage on larger devices.  It had become necessary to provide your audience with a great user experience on smartphones and tablets too. So if you haven't made your website mobile-friendly, you should.

In making your mobile optimized, make sure that you optimize titles and meta descriptions, optimize your mobile content for local search, make sure your mobile UI has a responsive design, and leverage browser caching and reduce redirects.

Watch this short clip on How-to: Quickly Optimize Your Website for Mobile Devices.


If you want to make sure you have a superb UX, you need to learn how to fulfill the precise desires of your users, with the minimum of effort. Want to learn more? Check out these resources, tools, and schools to build on your knowledge.


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