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Is Content Strategy Crucial for Online Branding?


Bigblock Solutions


September 14, 2018

The process of planning, development, creation, execution and management of content on the web is what we call content strategy. Its purpose is to provide brands content that is cohesive, sustainable and engaging to attract the attention of their target market.

In the social environment that we have on the web today, putting out the proper message to the right consumers at the right time is very important. A content strategy would be required for all these crucial touch points to be attained.


A good content strategy is able to answer these key questions in marketing:


·        Why do you wish to circulate this information?

·        Who are you trying to reach?

·        What type of content are you looking to publish?

·        Who is in charge of content creation and management?

·        Which part of the content will have the most impact?

·        When is the best time to engage the sales conversation?

·        What steps do you take to carry out the strategy?

·        What changes in the organisation are to be made?


If you or someone you are aware of requires more convincing when it comes to having a content strategy, consider these reasons below why one is important nowadays.


1. Content is the Driver of Everything in the Web

The goal of an online inquiring consumer is to find answers about their pain points.

There are two things that tie digital marketing today, and these are customers and search engines. How you balance these two aspects will determine whether your brand will succeed on the web or not. In other words, a consumer may know about your company, but without proper search engine optimisation, they won’t be able to find it online.

Several studies on search rankings have shown that the effect that relevant content has on the web continues to grow for brands. Furthermore, another study has also found that many online marketers agree about this.


2. The Reason Why You Post is More Important Than What

Take a moment to answer these following questions. What is the purpose, belief or cause that inspires you to continue doing what you do? What purpose, belief or cause is integrated into the culture of your brand?

Figuring out the ‘why’ will help you create content that is more meaningful to your readers. It is also this that helps in establishing value in their minds because it engages them. The things that you publish is simply a byproduct coming from your content strategy.

If you jump straight ahead into social and digital marketing without an established ‘why’ for your content, your messaging will turn out to be hollow. This will result in decreasing viewership the longer it lasts.


3. It Gives Visitors a Reason to Care

People who visit your website or social media channel subconsciously ask themselves this question: Why should I care?

Since the majority of web users, today have a very short attention span, not being able to give them a good reason in the first 8 seconds will lead to losing them.

By having a solid content strategy in place with foundational marketing guidelines established, you are able to make your message clearer for your readers to engage. Answering their questions can turn them from browsers to your brand’s customers.


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