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7 mobile app development tips for small business and start­ups


Louie Pitlo


September 14, 2018

So you’re a start-up biz and thinking of making it big online but facing a limited budget. Tell me, do you use one of the many do-it-yourself phone app development tools, or do you call in a professional? When researching for the best app makers, if possible DIY, we looked for solutions that are affordable and let you create professional-looking apps without having any coding skills. These DIY tools are actually a lot less expensive than working with a pro but…it is very, limited. Still, it's worth the try, right?

Here is a roundup of our best picks of appmaker for small business and beginners.

Como is an app maker with over 1 million apps created around the world. They provide a wide selection of building blocks such as a loyalty card feature, appointment scheduling integrations, ecommerce, user reviews and events. They have a new pricing structure: one tier with either a monthly ($57), yearly ($48) or bi-yearly ($41) payment option. Como DIY will give you six months for free if you don’t manage to achieve “any meaningful business results” with your app.

If you’re tapping iPhone users, check out AppMakr. This is a web-based iPhone app maker that lets anyone make your own iPhone apps, Android apps, and HTML5 mobile formatted websites —with no coding required.  It’s simple, jam-packed with features, affordable, has cross-platform feature, and you can engage your audience anytime, anywhere, with a rich mobile experience. Or you can also try SwebApps, another tool for building iPhone applications. Swebapps allows anyone at virtually any technology skill level create an iPhone mobile app with over 70 different graphical button styles available to choose from, has beautiful interface and user experience and can instantly deliver an application up to and including the hosting on

Then there’s AppYourself. It allows users to create apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and HTML5 apps. They also let you create a responsive website that automatically syncs your app content. The interface is well structured and very easy to use, has a feature their own online store module, and support was quick to respond when we contacted them. There are four pricing tiers, ranging from The Web Only (€5), Basic (€15) to Premium (€30) and Business (€50 & €200 setup fee).

One of the bigger players in mobile app development with clients such as Disney,, and Universal have apps made on their platform, MobileRodie claims itself to be the number one in DIY mobile app development.  Their templates are very elegant, they offer plenty of options to tweak the designs and has extremely advanced features. Their price point ranges from $149 (CORE) to a hefty $799 per month (PRO) this company clearly has its focus on larger companies.

Dutch owned AppMachine is a DIY mobile app tool with a powerful editor and a comprehensive building block selection though should make the user interface a little bit more logic and faster. They currently they offer two plans: Plus for $49 and Pro for $69 per month.

GoodBarber offers the best value for a small business. Why? The service doesn't cost a thing, but it doesn't compromise on features. It is very easy to use and lets you create beautiful, fully functional apps. It also gives you access to your app's source code, plugins and APIs so you can fully customize your app and tailor it to your business's unique needs. And it also comes with excellent and very helpful customer support.

BuildFire is the best app development tool for beginners. It lets you create professional-looking apps in few minutes without the need for a developer or any tech skills. It simplifies the app-making process: choose and customize your app's look and feel, and then you can easily add content using widgets. The best thing about it is that it lets you preview your app on your device, an added perk.

Have you tried one before? Remember, before you make a decision, look through the example galleries of these app developers. If the apps were shown represent a quality that you're comfortable with, granted that you have solid content and design resources to work with in the first place, you'll probably be okay.

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