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4 Ways to Strategise your Online Sales Process Cycle to Success


Louie Pitlo


September 14, 2018

Selling online is not magic. It definitely isn't. Salespeople manage a sufficient number of customers step-by-step through the selling PROCESS- emphasis on the process and not just the product! One way to improve your results is to clearly identify the steps in your selling situation's unique process- emphasis on UNIQUE!  We've all seen the generic four to six-step approaches to selling life insurance, real estate or the latest network marketing opportunity: “Get their Attention, gain their Interest, turn it into Desire, and motivate them to Action!” It is very difficult, however, the online sales strategy action plan is to apply those simplistic notions to the realities of managing a project given the large number of customers, managers, new products committees, and purchasing agents.

First things first. What is the first principle of the online sales process checklist?  Every unique combination of product, customers and sales resources potentially has its own "best" sales process. For instance, selling flour to independent stores via telephone salespeople is probably the best sales process for the product. If on the other hand, you sell a new concept in packaging to manufacturers of pharmaceutical products through field salespeople, you'll have quite a different process but it is also the best process given the product and the customer.

Hence, different products require different online sales process approach whether their customers are the same market or not. For instance, the way you sell the latest trends of clothes to sophisticated girls requires a different selling process to the same sophisticated girls when what you are selling them are movie tickets. The clothes can be sold by organising a fashion show and the movie tickets could be sold by presenting a kick-ass movie trailer! Selling the same cellular phone online to students require a different sales technique when selling it to businessmen.

Understanding your unique selling situation, and then crafting an intentional process can be one of the most powerful initiatives you undertake.

Unfortunately, most online sales managers have not thought this way. As a result, most companies have no articulated sales process. Rather, salespeople have been left on their own to determine how to do their job.

So if you are starting up a business and you want to strategize your online sales process cycle, here’s what you have to do:  (a) develop a standardized processes, (b) train and equip your people with them, (c) develop some tracking tools, (d) review and refine the process and the execution of them regularly.

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